angie pham


who i am

hello there, my name is angie. i live in seattle with my family and two cats, link & pepper. i am currently a senior analyst in a wireless carrier company based in bellevue. in the past i have worked in retail, customer support, visual merchandising, content management and teaching english in japan.


i find beautiful and inspiring things to share on here in addition to my work. sometimes i also write about food, traveling and other aspects of my life. i have a love for everything that involves design and creativity, including visual displays, photography, crafting, painting, jewelry-making and sewing.


i am passionate about traveling, enjoying good food & company, learning new things and living my life.


everyday is a blessing.


/'no͞odl and,(ə)n THred/
   1. a mix of love between noodles (the food) and fabric
   2. a wordplay on 'needle and thread' (by linda from onefinedae)

the brand and business were created in 2010 with the idea of bringing simple handmade products to everyone. i opened my first online shop on etsy selling hair accessories, prints and cards. these products were carefully designed and handcrafted by me, incorporating fabrics into each product. after awhile, i went on a long hiatus until just recently. today, i also sell my photographs on society6, and i just launched my new shop on the website consisting of a new product line of painted artwork/products.


if you're interested in having something custom-made from noodlenthread, please contact me for more information and i would be happy to work with you.

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if you would like to be featured on this site, advertise or sponsor noodlenthread, please contact me for details and prices.



feel free to use any image or content owned by me, but i would greatly appreciate it if you give credit and/or link back.