the arboretum


We finally decided to visit the Washington Park Arboretum hoping for some nice foliage (it was also O's first time sans the Japanese Garden). Well, we discovered that there were barely any colors turning since [we were previously told that] the arboretum mainly has a lot of evergreens. But we still had a lovely short walk enjoying the crisp air of a dewy Saturday afternoon. Luckily it wasn't raining, either. 

Being outside once in a while during the cold season isn't too bad, I suppose. It brings a comforting kind of (yet peaceful) loneliness feeling in the air. I would get lost in my thoughts and daydreams, as if the cold sharp air is trying to freeze my mind in that moment. But, beyond that, I would not be able to endure this kind of weather for too long before rushing back inside to my heated blanket, sipping on hot tea and watching TV. :-)

I think, after we return from our last vacation that's coming up next month, I will be mentally ready for winter and all its beauty of the holiday spirits, gatherings, decorations and goodbyes to another year.