san francisco


This past weekend I flew down to San Francisco to visit Sandy (a good friend of mine who recently moved there from Seattle). It was a wonderful long weekend exploring various parts of the city that I've never been to, eating good food and stumbling onto new things (like a block party with Erykah Badu as a DJ!) and cute stores/boutiques. We even biked across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito! The ride on the bridge was beautiful and Sausalito is a very cute town (although very touristy). I also had a chance to meet up with Linda (another good friend of mine and ex-roomie whom I first met in Nagoya, Japan 7 years ago).

This trip to the Bay Area opened my eyes and made me like the city again. I used to fly down here for shorter weekend trips with friends, and they were always the same--same touristy places, same areas in the city, etc. So I told myself I would probably not go back to San Francisco for a longggg time. But this trip completely changed my mind and made me want to go back more! This time I had friends to show me all the right places, different activities and great meals so that probably made a big difference--exploring with (semi) locals!