up in the air


I really enjoyed summer of 2014 and am thankful for all those many wonderful sunny and warm days we had this year. And I don't think I am ready for it to end yet. Luckily, O and I are going on our last vacation for the year to Cancun, Mexico in November to celebrate our anniversary. We are hoping that the hurricane season will be gone by then *crosses fingers*. But if not, oh well. At least there will still be beaches to enjoy before we face winter coming back to Seattle.

While browsing on Flipboard last night in the Travel section, I stumbled upon Antoine Rose's photo series called "Up In The Air". They were taken by him hanging off a helicopter, capturing stunning still-life images of different beaches. Today is the last official day of summer...and it's already raining and grey outside. It was a rough morning and going to remain as such for the rest of today, but at least I am finding comfort in seeing these photos as the last remnants of summer and all the memories I had during it.


Images by Antoine Rose from Emmanuel Fremin Gallery (via Huffington Post)