shop launch: new products



I am happy to finally share with you all the launch of my new products on the website! In my new shop, I am selling original gift tags and paintings that are all uniquely hand painted by me. I love colors and free-flowing styles, so these first two products are great examples of what's to come later on as I expand this product line, which will be tied to painted work.

It's been well over a year now since the first time I had decided to move away from my original products (still on sale in my current shop on Etsy) to painted artwork. While I have some ambitious plans to expand this new product line in the future, I am just so thrilled to finally took a step forward on that path this year. It's been a long journey to get back into my creative spirit and begin a new chapter for noodlenthread. The year 2015 is definitely all about big changes, taking risks and moving swiftly forward with my life.

I hope you will find beauty in these products as much I have enjoyed putting endless labor of love and thoughtfulness into my art.

To visit the new shop, click here or navigate from the menu to SHOP +  > ART.