old space & things


I recently started going through all my belongings and sorting them between the keep piles and the throwaway piles. 30 years later in life, I have managed to cut down on keeping/hoarding a lot of things, even childhood keepsakes and school memories (well, except for the photos). I have to admit that there is not a lot of my past that was kept in terms of tangible memories. Somewhere along the way, as I grew older I had decided that this was for the best.

I really admire the Japanese way of simple living, and have started to try going in that direction with each new place I live in. Less is more. Thoughtful and seamless organization. Practical beauty. Simple design. Live in the present.

As I start packing up for my next move, I feel happier with the things I am keeping because they are either useful/practical, very meaningful or truly lovable. I used to love displays/figurines things but eventually I realized they are only as that--a display. To fill up more spaces and clutter every room, with most of them lacking the sentimental value or purpose. Several years ago, I finally got rid of them along with other knick-knacks. I also used to buy more books that I liked, but eventually I decided to give most of them away because they also take up a lot of space. Now I am much more particularly picky about the books I keep (absolutely all-time favorites only), the display things I buy (if at all) and just in general other miscellaneous items I pick up during my travels.


Recommended book everyone should read at least once: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo