sky diving


Just a few years ago, I had decided that I want to check off at least one item off my bucket list every year. So earlier this month...I went [tandem] sky diving in Shelton, WA! This was pretty high on my list, and I had planned on doing it when I finally turn 30.

There was no class beforehand since this is tandem. They gathered you in a small group and put the jumpsuit (optional) and other gear on you. Then you're assigned an instructor and everyone gets on a plane for a 15-minutes ride to 13,000 feet in the air. The view on the way up was pretty nice, too. My instructor was a very experienced and seasoned sky diver from Spain. He's been coming to WA during the summertime just to do this, and then he would fly back to Spain and other parts of the world to sky dive some more. That's passion!

The whole experience in the sky was VERY short (about 5 minutes after you jump out of the plane), but the 60 seconds free-falling was truly an amazing and crazy feeling that I have never felt before. Not to mention that split-second when the instructor pushed both of you off the plane with NO hesitation whatsoever... o_O

I would definitely sky dive again if I could stay in the sky longer (or even free-fall for longer than just 60 seconds). Maybe someday I might even try solo! But for tandem sky diving, I would totally recommend to anyone that seeks thrill and adventure to try it as well!