noodlenthread - exit glacier
noodlenthread - mt alyeska
noodlenthread - crab roll la baleine cafe
noodlenthread - salty dawg bar
noodlenthread - alaska
noodlenthread - morning star

These are some photos I was able to capture on the first couple days during our long weekend trip to Alaska. A few highlights: the short hike up to Exit Glacier in the wind and rain, going up Mt. Alyeska for a beautiful view of the mountains and the crab sandwich in Homer (I can't leave without at least one delicious meal from any trip).

Alaska seemed like a perfect place for the true outdoor explorers, the be-one-with-nature seekers and the simple lifers. Mountains are vast and trees are endless. Pristine blue lakes gleam and glaciers bleed under the skies. You could be lost or disappear completely (literally and figuratively) from the rest of the world here. Maybe one day, I'll return again.

A friend had asked me if my outlook in life changed after Alaska. I was somewhat surprised to hear myself answered, Not really, no. Even though it was scary and I was shaken up, somehow I did not want to interpret what happened as a life-changing moment that should set my life on a different path. Perhaps a deluded part of me only grasps that the impact of death could truly be the twist of life. And that had already happened four years ago. My mindset has vastly changed since then.

Nothing will measure up, anything can happen, and everything else isn't so bad.

"It could be worse." is what I usually remind myself nowadays.