Last night I watched a short video clip (above) posted by a friend on Facebook and it kind of resonated with me. Had it on repeat for a couple times to let the words sink in a little deeper. Life has been conflicting and muddled recently with what I am really trying to do here and how I am spending it, in big picture. It comes and goes, but it is always lurking in the shadows.

How often do you feel like you have pressured yourself to accomplish something, whether it's because you try to be a responsible person, or because you constantly try to measure up against something? Compare your life and your accomplishments (or lack thereof) to others? Be your own toughest critic? Or all of the above? Doesn't that just sound stressful and toxic? Sometimes you need a bit of competition to motivate yourself, but more often than not that competition is misdirected.

How often do you want to do too many things because time is 'so short' and it 'flies by so fast'? You might see people doing things they want and you want to do just as much to get somewhere, anywhere, in life. Be seen, noticed, appreciated, envied, valued, loved, respected, successful, and so on. It is so exhausting. What about be you?

Step back, slow down, and breathe. Lose some battles. Let go.

Remember who we are as a human being. Continue to search and dig deep to find what 'being happy' means [differently] to each one of us.