hello, 2017


Where did 2016 go? I mean, how did it fly by us just like that? My first year in my first home. I guess we did a lot last year, but with my poor, spotty memory I'm having trouble recalling everything--except that I was finally in a good place at work, spent the first half of the year making the house livable, a few short trips here and there, the usual summer events, and then fall came with the AU trip followed by the holidays..! There were ups, downs, losses, discoveries. It was quite a year--exactly what life is about, isn't it?

Last year I didn't have time for noodlenthread, picking up Japanese again, and more house projects. So those are the [main] goals I'm giving myself this new year, plus a few other new things. The secret ingredients I could use some help with? Motivation, inspiration, discipline, and routine. What I could use less of? Laziness.

I got you, 2017. Happy new year.