it's just the beginning...

noodlenthread - angie pham

So 30 came and went just like that -- but can't I just stay 30 forever?  :-)

It treated me so well with all the right timing in the world. I finally have a more permanent place to come home to that wasn't just my parents house where I grew up in. I finally found a new job that I enjoy doing and learning every day. I finally feel like a proper adult who is on the path to somewhere that isn't backward or in circles.

This past year has been rewarding, and it made me feel like maybe I could really go up from here. Maybe I could focus on some things I have been putting off in my life. Maybe I could be where I want to be. Maybe I could actually feel more satisfied than I ever was.

The thirties are supposed to be the peak of a woman's life, right? Well then, I am ready for the best 10 years of my life!  :-)