my name is angie pham. born in vietnam and grew up in seattle, i currently live with my partner and two cats, link & pepper. i love traveling, enjoying good food & company, crafting, and creating art.



/'no͞odl and,(ə)n THred/
   1. a mix of love between noodles & fabric
   2. a wordplay on 'needle and thread'

the noodlenthread brand was created in 2010. i opened my first online shop on etsy selling hair accessories, prints and cards. these products were carefully designed and handcrafted by me, incorporating fabrics into each product. today i make and sell prints, paintings, and stationery as well.

if you're interested in having something custom made beyond my online shop, please contact me for more information and i would be happy to work with you. i also make other products (i.e. soy candles, air plant hangers, jewelry, etc.).

i would love to collaborate with you as well - let’s chat!